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Metal Spinning, Stamping, Fabrication of Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel as Shown Here and Other Metals.

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Here at FPI we work with many metal types and thicknesses. Typically we run materials from .020" to .125" and diameters from 1/2" to 25".

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Aluminum Spun Parts & Variety.

Here is a broad range of Aluminum spun parts using 1100, 3003, 5052 and 6061 alloys. They range in material thickness from .025" through .125" with lengths to 16" and diameters to 24".

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Stamped Parts All Kinds of Materials & Industries.

Although stamping in a flat or formed operation is usually a support operation we can and do make it a stand alone operation an integral part of our many operations.

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Plasma Cutting by CNC Can Be Stand Alone or a Component of a Project.

Our CNC Plasma cutting is an accurate, repeatable, quick way to cut out flat parts that would be impractical to stamp or cut freehand with a torch.

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Fabrication is a Snap at FPI - OEM & Custom.

The term iron fabrication is very general and usually does not apply to iron at all except working with the molecule, Fe. Generally the term is applied to light gauge steel (containing iron) fabrication, the act of constructing something.

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Quality You Can Count On.

Here is an example of a completely spun part 3 260" diameter by .260" height which we converted mainly to a stamping controlling the critical tolerances. This stamping had tight tolerance on most measurements of angle, radius and dimensions tighter than +/- .005".

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Holes & Hole Patterns Are Accomplished Accurately Through Our Tool & Die and Machining Capabilities.

Whether you need one hole, a dozen holes, or patterns of holes, we can accomplish the task through our machine shop or tooling up a fixture to do the job, usually very economically.

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Hollow Shapes Fabricated to Appear or Act as a Solid.

This is accomplished by welding any two identical diameter parts together to make a symmetrical appearing part. Many times these parts are structurally sound enough to meet many needs of parts that would otherwise need to be machined from billet/solid blocks or rounds. Cost savings can be significant in achieving your goals.

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Welcome to Fabricor Products Inc.

FPI - Metal Spinning, Stamping & Fabrication Job Shop

Including:Machining - Stamping - Welding - CNC Plasma Cutting - Tool & Die-Powder Coating - Fabrication and stocking steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass in various alloys & thicknesses

We have been manufacturing quality OEM and custom spun products, expanding to 10,000 square foot, at the same location since 1979. Metal spinning is our main service while providing many other secondary services which have also included finished goods. We do most tooling and added value services in-house, therefore we provide some of the best quality and quickest turn around of product in the industry.

Metal spinning is the art/science of chipless metal forming. A sheet metal blank is shaped on a special lathe to form circular shelled parts and used in a large variety of industries. Our main customers have been in the lighting and home accessory industries, we do also work in many other industries including aerospace, antique restoration, automotive, cookware, filtration, medical, motorcycle, trophy, wind energy and others.

We are best known for our quality work with hand spinning up to 20” with secondary and/or intricate detail. We do 1 – 10,000 parts although most customers tend to be in the 100 to 1,000 part range. Typically if you want excellence in customer service including communication, technical knowledge, documentation, quick on-time delivery at a value price, you need to review our site or contact us.

Your satisfaction and profitability show we have accomplished our mission – to provide our customers a competitive edge through innovative ideas, timely deliveries, quality parts and sound pricing. We firmly believe your success will be the primary reason for our success. We do our best to bring you success.

Below are side profiles typical of spun shapes.


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FULL 8-inch BALL, 16GA CRS, 13/32 (.406) THROUGH HOLE CENTER FULL 8-inch BALL, 16GA CRS, 13/32 (.406) THROUGH HOLE CENTER
HALF 8-inch BALL, 16GA CRS, 13/32 (.406) CENTER HOLE HALF 8-inch BALL, 16GA CRS, 13/32 (.406) CENTER HOLE
HALF 7-inch BALL, 16GA CRS, 13/32 (.406) CENTER HOLE HALF 7-inch BALL, 16GA CRS, 13/32 (.406) CENTER HOLE
FULL 7-inch BALL, 16GA CRS, 13/32 (.406) THROUGH HOLE CENTER FULL 7-inch BALL, 16GA CRS, 13/32 (.406) THROUGH HOLE CENTER